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The scuba diver tea infuser is a cool stylish way to infuse your next cup of tea. This diver sits inside your mug and is connected a counterweight (the air tank) that sits on the table.

Like most novelty tea infusers this is a great gift for any loose leaf tea lover. This diver is about 5.2 inches tall and about 2.2 inches wide. It will fit into almost any sized mug or tea pot but keep in mind you can probably only put a teaspoon of tea into it.

If you want to see a video on how this deep tea diver tea infuser works, then be sure to check out the one above. It is nice and quick but you can see exactly what it looks like and how to use one.

Using the infuser

Using this infuser is dead simple and it is also super easy to remove from the water once you’re done infusing your tea.

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