Extreme Push Up Lifting Bra

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This bra is a game changer! No need for annoying straps, just pull the drawstrings to give you a fab bust for those backless strappy dresses and plungy tops. 

Our adhesive bras come with surgical-quality re-usable adhesive on the inside of the cups. The bra can be peeled off and worn several times. With significant silicone on the inside, our bras will give additional depth to your breasts.

A form enhancing bra that makes a women's breasts to look fuller with more cleavage!

Color:  Black and Nude
Material: Silicone: 88% Nylon: 12% Spandex
Strap type: Strapless
Inner: Underwear Sponge
Item Includes: 1x Bra
Weigth: 20-30g (approx)

Size Chart:

A= 70/32A 70/32B 75/34A
B= 70/32C 75/34B 80/36A 80/36B
C= 70/32D 75/34C 8/36C 85/36A 85/36B
D= 70/32E 75/34D 75/34E 80/36D 85/36C 85/36D

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Note:  *Due to high demand please allow 2-4 weeks for delivery in the US. International countries can take 2-6 weeks.

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