Alkaline Hydrogen Negative Ion Water Bottles

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The Alkaline Formula - The human body should be maintained at a pH of around 7.4 – 7.6, in fact at a pH of 8.5 cancer cells can no longer survive in the human body. Once you understand that the chemical environment of the body directly influences how various cells and proteins work, you will begin to understand why the alkalinity of the body is so important. The Alkaline Formula is designed to help the body maintain its alkalinity, and stay chemically balanced.

Invest some money into this life saying water bottle to have a better health and elongation of life!

What can this water bottle do?

1. Regulates the pH balance for a more alkaline environment for vitality and harmony.

2. Reduces blood lipids and lowers blood pressure.

3. Regulates the gastrointestinal function.

4. Promoting human metabolism, and enhance human immunity.

5. High dissolving power of the alkaline water binds to the toxins in our body allowing for efficient waste elimination.

6. Protects the liver from harmful effects of alcohol and nicotine.

7. Powerful Anti-Oxidant: ORP reading of below -200mV in about 3-5 minutes.

8. Breaks down water molecules for better absorption of nutrients and minerals through reverse osmosis, oxygenating the body and increasing metabolic rate.

Package includes:

1 x Alkaline energy bottle (with only one water filter)

1 x Black Carry Bag

Product Description:
Material: Stainless Steel
Capacity: 400ml
Bottle size: 7.8 inches* 2.7inches*2.7 inches - 20cm*7cm*7cm

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By M***s P.09 Sep 2016 20:58

Excellent seller recommend to everyone, fast delivery and declared as my request. The product is excellent very beautiful.


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By Anonymous Customer18 Nov 2016 01:22

Super!!! fast shipping! track to track.

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By Anonymous Customer06 Nov 2016 17:57

Good product recommend!

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By Anonymous Customer14 Nov 2016 04:51

★★★★★Five Stars

By Anonymous Customer17 Aug 2016 23:47

Fast shipping! Nano glass water filled at night. Morning checked овп =-180. рн = 8. so everything is fine. Tourmaline does its job. upon receipt was the problem-filter inside the cup was not tightly closed, stuck in the glass and the beads spilled. They had to pick out of the cup. In general I am happy. Thanks to Favorite e-STORE for a good product!

★★★★★Five Stars

By T***a T.25 Sep 2016 19:56

★★★★★Five Stars

By L***o R.16 Oct 2016 18:17

Excellent, EVERYTHING nicely, keep buying.

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