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  • Brand new in retail package

  • Apply on natural or artificial nails, also on your own other uses.

  • Suitable for nail art decoration with nail polish, UV builder gel, etc.

  • 12 Colors (random)

  • Every case is 2.5cm in diameter

  • Brand new in retail package

Package includes : 12 Deep Acrylic Powder 


We ship within 2 days with a tracking number upon customer's request. Our shipping includes insurance and we will make sure you get your Acrylic Powder Dust Fast!

How to apply the Power Dust:

We recommend our base and top coats

 1. Sanitize hands.

2. Use a fine drill bit or buffer/file to remove shine from nails. 

3. Apply Base Coat. Starting from one side of the nail and work your way to the other side. Make sure to brush lightly with low pressure to ensure an even application.

4. After applying the Base Coat to the first finger, dip finger in powder using a scooping motion and tap excess powder off of nail.

5. Repeat steps 3-4 on each finger twice on first hand.

6. Apply a generous amount of Top Coat on all 5 fingers. Allow to dry. Be sure to cover edges and cap off the tips of the nails

7. Repeat steps 3-6 on second hand.

8. Once dry, shape the nails with a file. A drill can be gently used to remove excess powder from the cuticle area.

9. Use a buffer to smooth out nails. Rinse hands with water, no soap. Dry fingers/hands. If you do not want to wash hands, you can use a brush to dust off all particles.

10. Apply another coat of Top Coat to all 10 fingers. 

11. After nails have air dried for 1-2 minutes, apply Nail Cuticle Oil to moisturize.

Note: *Due to high demand please allow 2-4 weeks for delivery in the US. International countries 2-6 weeks.***Guaranteed Safe and Secure Check Out***

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